Born in the Fukien Province of China, in 1849, Su Kong Tai Jin came into the world with a genetic abnormality called Hypertrichosis.  This caused his face to be covered by a thick, coarse hair.   His Parents, believing him to be possessed by a demon, abandoned the infant Tai Jin in a forest near the Fukien Shaolin temple.  A passing monk discovered the child and took him back to the Shaolin temple.  The baby was named Tai Jin and nursed back to health.  When the child came of age, he was allowed to begin training in Kung Fu.  Because of his condition, Tai Jin rarely left the temple, therefore he spent most of his time in chores or training.  Most monks at Shaolin were evaluated and placed with a single master for their martial arts education, but Tai Jin was given access to all the Masters of the temple.  After many years he had done what no one else had ever done,,,,master all the martial art styles of Shaolin!  Due to his amazing ability and adeptness in kung fu, Tai Jin was given the title of Grandmaster of the martial arts  program of Fukien temple.  Grandmaster Tai Jin was a master of the "death touch" or Chi Ma.  

           A story is told of Grandmaster Tai Jin.  On an occassion that he had scheduled a meeting with the Masters of the surrounding temples, Grandmaster Tai Jin entered the room where the men were seated.  The Masters raised from their chairs and bowed, but Grandmaster Tai Jin did not return the bow.  He walked across the room, picked up a knife from the table setting and thrust it into the darkened rafters of the meeting hall.  An assassin tumbled from the darkness with the knife embedded in his heart.  Startled and surprised, the other masters questioned Grandmaster Tai Jin on how he knew the killer was perched there.  He stated, "There were twelve men in the room, but he had heard 13 men breathing". 

           Sometime after the destruction of the Fukien temple by the Emperial Government, Grandmaster Tai Jin passed the title of Grandmaster on to Ie Chang Ming .  Read about Grandmaster Ie Chang Ming by clicking his name in the Navigation bar to the left:     

Great, Great, GrandMaster

Su Kong Tai DJin