An 8th degree black sash, Certified by Grandmaster Sin Kwang The', Elder Master Garry Mullins is one of only four individuals to attain this level in our system. Elder  Master Mullins has trained exclusively under Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' since 1973.  He has mastered styles such as (but surely not limited to) the five animals styles, Tai chi, Pa Kua, Hsing-i, Shaolin long Fist  and ALL of the 36 traditional chinese weapon styles.  Elder Master Mullins has also received and instructs techniques in push-hands, the Mayflower poles, iron hand training, the I-Chin-Ching, and much, much more. Master Mullins is the lead instructor of several schools throughout the state of Tennessee. 

        Elder Master  Mullins also has two sons, Masters Kevin and Mike Mullins, who are pictured below. 

       Senior Master Kevin, a Seventh degree black sash, receiving his seventh degree September 16th 2017.  He has trained for well over 20 years with Grandmaster Sin Kwang The' and Elder Master Mullins.  Senior Master Kevin is honored as being the youngest black sash in the Shaolin Martial Arts system, gaining a black sash at age 11.

        Senior Master Mike Mullins is a seventh degree black sash that has trained exclusively with Elder Master Mullins and Grandmaster Sin The' since the age of 4. He received his seventh degree rank September 16th, 2017.   With well over 20 years experience, Senior Master Mike holds the distinction of being the first black sash of Shaolin Martial Arts in the state of Tennessee. 

          Master Allen Collins is a 6th degree Master who achieved his rank under Elder Master Mullins.  Master Collins began his training in 1978 and , out of a class of over 60 beginners, Master Collins was the only one to make it to black sash.  Master Collins has schools in several locations in Virginia.        

Master Allen Collins

Elder Master Garry Mullins

8th Degree Black Sash

​     Senior Master

      Mike Mullins

​   Senior Master

   Kevin Mullins