Our Mission:

For Our Shaolin Kids:

          Our purpose is singular and yet complicated.  At Shaolin Martial Arts of Paintsville we want our Shaolin Kids to be as great as they can be.  This will involve instilling in each of them a sense of respect.  Not only for others, but also for themselves.  Success starts with the single idea of "I can be more than I am." 

         Our instructors are  ready to promote habits and lifestyles that will cultivate the most positive aspects of a young martial artists life.  We want our Shaolin kids to not only thrive in our classes, but to succeed in all ways, from academics to athletics and everyday home life as well.  Our instructors will achieve this by:


Providing a Foundation of Martial Arts self-defense techniques while allowing them to progress at their own pace.

Cultivating the martial arts as a way to develop friendships, teamwork, communications and cooperation.

Discouraging dominance, suppression, control or undue influence over others.  Shaolin Martial arts of Paintsville/Prestonsburg has a strict Anti-Bullying program.

Most of all we communicate to our Shaolin Kids that the greatest achievement they can attain is to NEVER GIVE UP AND BE THE BEST THEY CAN BE!

AND most importantly, we want our Shaolin Kids to have FUN!!!!!!!!! 


For Adult Students:

          Our driving goal is to provide each and every student with the oppurtunity to improve his or herself through a highly structured and comprehensive learning experience.  We will strive to build character, increase self-discipline, promote respect for others and help attain balance in one's life while also:

Developing skills of self-defense
Building Strength

Increasing Speed

Increasing Balance

Improving Memory/Recall

Developing Focus/Concentration

Increasing Muscle Tone

Assisting in Weight Management

Providing a Means of Stress Management

and MUCH more......