*Two More Paintings of Grand Master Ie*

* GrandMaster  Ie Chang Ming from a painting *

       Ie Chang Ming was born in the Fukien Province of China 1882 and studied at the Shaolin Temple there from the age of 6. He became a student at the temple a few years before it was destroyed by the monks, to save its secrets from the Chinese government. Young Ie was so impressed with Grandmaster Su Kong Tai Jin, that he followed him into the mountains and became one of his greatest disciples.

        Ie Chang Ming felt that no time should be wasted , but all time should be dedicated to training. Ie learned how to sleep with his head in one chair and his feet in another, with his body unsupported in the middle while meditating. This developed incredible Chi and of course great physical strength. Grandmaster Ie was a master of the Iron Palm Technique.

        A story documenting Ie Chang Ming's abilities is told like this: An army had camped near the village where Ie Chang Ming lived. One day Ie was travelling and decided to take a short cut across the Army's camp. A soldier stopped him and began to harass Ie Chang Ming. Ten more soldiers gathered around and began to try to humiliate Ie. When ordered to lick one of the soldiers boots, Ie Chang Ming became infuriated and attacked the men. All eleven soldiers were killed or seriously injured in the fight. Before being forced to leave china, Ie chang Ming was given the title of Grandmaster shortly before Su Kong Tai Jin's death. Around 1910, Grandmaster Ie was forced to immigrate to Bandung, Indonesia. Upon arriving, Grandmaster Ie met with colleagues from the temple and began teaching Shaolin Martial Arts.  Ie Chang Ming Died in 1968 at the age of 86. Grandmaster Ie left the legacy of Shaolin to Grandmaster Sin Kwang The'.

Great Grandmaster

Ie Chang Ming