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​​Shaolin Martial Arts


The Shaolin Temple in China is thousands of years old,,,,, Click below to read about it's History.

Tuesday: Paintsville 

  • 5:30pm Shaolin Kids Class
  • 6:00pm Adult Beginners
  • 7:00pm Adult Brown/Black Belts

Class Schedule:

The physical training at Shaolin Martial Arts Paintsville-Prestonsburg is only a small part of what we offer,,,,Click below to find out all the benefits of studying with us!

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American Red Cross CPR andAED Certified staff on hand in EVERY class.

 Where We Are:

 821 Euclid Ave.  Paintsville, KY  606-792-6203

Second Location Re-Opening April 15th, 2024! 


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Originating in China more than 1500 years ago, the Martial Arts of Shaolin are the most comprehensive  and effective in the world.  This Kung Fu system contains hard external styles, soft internal forms, grappling techniques, drunken boxing, animal styles (dragon, tiger, snake, etc...), joint locks (Chin Na), pressure point manipulation, and many other facets of self-defense and fighting.  Coming to the United States in 1964, our Martial Arts system has spread across North America with schools forming in more than 10 states and several foreign countries.  For more background on our system of Shaolin Martial Arts utilize the navigation menus found on this page:

       New Classes are forming throughout the year.  Your first Class is always FREE.  Your first Month is FREE (with Purchase of Uniform).  Prospective Students are welcome to visit and watch or participate (please wear loose clothing).  Adult classes are ages 12 and up, but our Shaolin Kids class will be focused on younger students ages 5-11.  For questions please utilize the "Contact Us" section of this site, visit us at Facebook (link below) Or Instagram.       
                                      We hope to see you soon.