Head Instructor of Shaolin Martial Arts of Paintsville-Prestonburg

       Associate Master Tommy also has a team of assistant instructors who hold advanced levels of Black sash, and have decades of combined experience.  They provide students with guidance in Martial Arts techniques, while helping to develop the family atmosphere we enjoy in our classes.  All Instructors promote respect and honor to our students giving them the self-confidence and pride in themselves they need to succeed.  

        A  5th degree black sash, Tommy Hitchcock has been studying  Martial Arts for over 26 years, beginning his training in May of 1995, at a class located in Paintsville, Kentucky.  Teaching classes in his own schools for over 21 years, Tommy has stated, "I have been the student far more often than I have been the teacher, because I have learned almost as much from those I instruct, as I have from those who have instructed me."  His training has brought him into contact with several Masters of the system, The most recent being Elder Master Garry Mullins of Johnson City, Tennessee.   Master Mullins has been a blessing to Tommy's training, allowing him to continue his path of learning, while tremendously enriching what Tommy has to offer his own students.  Sadly Master Garry Mullins passed away in 2020.  His wisdom, experience and love of martial arts will be missed.

       Associate Master Tommy has a wide range of training outside the traditional Martial Arts as well.  His credentials are listed below:

  • 1991 -1997 United States Army Veteran
  • 1995 -Present Shaolin Martial Arts Black sash advanced ranks
  •  1999 -2008 Johnson County Sheriff's Dept.

       PPCT (Pressure Point Control Techniques) Instructor

       G.A.G.E (Ground Avoidance/Ground Escape) Instructor

  • 2009 -2013 Federal Bureau of Prisons Self- Defense Instructor 
  • 2013-Present Federal Bureau of Prisons LEAD Self-Defense Instructor
  • 2010- 2019 Federal BOP Disturbance Control Team Member
  • 2014-2018 Federal BOP Disturbance Control Team Instructor
  • 2018-Present Federal BOP LEAD Disturbance Control Team Instructor

Associate Master

Tommy Hitchcock